Reina’s point the ball should have been offside to Jesse Lingard

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Lazio goalkeeper Pepe Reina looked at Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning goal in Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League should be offside.

         The Red Devils sent the ball into the bottom of the net in injury time to help the team narrow three points after the team conceded first and equalized from Alex Tellis amid celebrations for both players and supporters. happily 

         However, in Reina’s point of view, the ball should have been offside to Jesse Lingard. He is who was lying in front of the goal the moment Ronaldo kicked the net.

         “Undoubtedly offside,” Reina posted on her personal Twitter account. #ManUnitedVillarreal and angry face emoji

         Still, reporter Fran Navarro said of the moment: “Lingard didn’t interfere with the goalkeeper Pepe. In fact it was rolling and he couldn’t stop it.”

         “What happened here I had a seminar with FIFA with (Sergei) Ivanov, referee at the 2006 World Cup.”

The former Villarreal and Liverpool shot-stopper took to Twitter to post exploding head and angry emojis, writing: “Offside all day long…#ManUnitedVillarreal.”

Reina’s point the ball should have been offside to Jesse Lingard

Spanish World Cup-winner Reina, 39, appeared to take issue with Lingard’s positioning as Ronaldo made contact with his shot. The England international was on the ground in front of Rulli having fallen over after prodding the ball to his teammate.

Lingard appeared to be in an offside position. But as Spanish football reporter Fran Navarro replied, he did not “interfere” with the goalkeeper.

Reina did not accept that explanation. However, and hit back by saying Lingard was in Rulli’s line of sight.

Navarro attached another replay of Ronaldo’s goal and replied: “No, it’s slightly below the goalkeeper’s line of sight. In this shot you can see it.”

The debate raged for some time, with Reina posting a picture of Lingard lying down just in front of Rulli with a thumbs up emoji pasted next to the 28-year-old.