Aymeric Laporte has signaled pressure on refereeing duties

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Manchester City centre-back Aymeric Laporte has signaled pressure on refereeing duties in the next big Champions League games. That it should be fair to both the front – defender Regarding the standard for distributing the remaining cards – red cards

The rhythm of the game caused City to lose to PSG 0-2 yesterday in the 77th minute. After the foul midfielder Marco Verratti cut the game with a yellow card. There was a buzz between Laporte and Neymar Junior. But he was the only defender of the Spanish national team to receive a yellow card in the first place.  According to reports by ufabet

“This kind of thing happened all over again. I don’t understand why defenders are being attacked in this way more than strikers. It’s only me that has been shown a yellow card,” he told ‘Arkmse Sport’

“As for the overall game, we actually had a good match. And we missed the opportunity to score a goal. But the opponent did The most important thing is the number of goals. Although PSG had a few chances, they still won the game.  

“We cannot set the face of the game in the other direction. The team has been able to play normally in facing the best players, but know that situations like Messi’s goals can happen. It hurts just that I can’t shoot myself.” 

Incidentally, a statement after the game from UEFA states. That Laporte was not shown a yellow card against Neymar Junior because referee Carlos Del Cerro only gave Verratti foul man

As for the real yellow cards for City’s side, only Joao Cancelo deliberately fouled Kylian Mbappe on the counter-attack and Kevin De Bruyne argued with the referee for a foul on Idrissa Gay.