Ferdinand received a message from Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand has revealed he received a message from Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo admitting his poor performance but still managed to score the winning goal to help the club beat Villarre. Al was injured 2-1 in the Champions League group stage yesterday.

Manchester United

‘Red Devil’ started badly according to His Majesty’s permission. The ‘Yellow Submarine’ smashed the net from Paco Alcacer 0-1. That waiting for Alex Tellis’ beautiful volley to equalize 1-1 and pretend to share the points. But then in stoppage time, Cristiano scored the winner to give the Red Devils a 2-1 win. 

As a former teammate of the 2008 European Championships, Ferdinand had inside information and told him on the screen that he had received a confession SMS from Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Ferdinand received a message from Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo

“Ronaldo texted me saying – I didn’t play well today. But there was a chance that I had to shoot -” Ferdinand revealed. 

“That’s the belief he has. another player The youngsters in the team try to promote It was a wonderful place to be in.”

“The performance of United last night was not great. Not the level Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs, but when you need to break the net. When it comes to looking for someone to shock the fire into the powerhouse, to the stadium, to the fans, Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who stepped up. 

“That guy wanted to take the opportunity that fell into his lap. The goalscoring stats tell it all. He is the player of the prime hour. including having an important role in it.”

“Because when Cristiano in the dressing room team is lively, tied up, can be trusted because they know when the opportunity comes he has to pass the ball into the goal.” 

“It allows you to play relaxed. That is the greatest of our team. Because when you’re in a stressful situation I saw the hands of the clock slowly turning, but we weren’t worried. We kept our peace because we believed that opportunity had to come.” 

Ronaldo is the player with the most stoppage-time goals in the Champions League, alongside Sergio Aguero ‘Gun’ for three times.