Diogo Dalot admits is happy to see the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Manchester United right-back Diogo Dalot admits. It was his fortune to join Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League and see five Ballon d’Or titles. He released a miracle, scored a 2-1 victory at Villarreal The dramatic injury time in front of Red Army fans.

Dalot is younger than ‘CR7’ beyond the round, so in time to see the greatness of the Portuguese seniors on the world stage, both the club name and the national team. Especially the CHPL stage, is considered a field to create a name because Most goals scored in all time, 178 games so far. 

Diogo Dalot admits is happy to see the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo

which when wearing the same team as the star player idol Amid the cheers of over 75,000 football fans. It was a memorable night. 

“As everyone can see, last night the game was difficult against a very good opponent. We fight to the end And with the good atmosphere of Old Trafford reinforcing it, we are very happy with the three points. 

“When you have Cristiano in the team it’s always more handicap. Well, as I’ve learned many times. He is an amazing player on or off the pitch. He is the one who gives us strength.” 

“But we were a good team, helping to shape Cristiano, bringing you to a good hour. And all the time, it has shown many times that the goal can be decided at the end of the match.” 

“It’s the enthusiasm of the team. We were delight that Cristiano finally scored a goal.” 

Ronaldo scored for United in the Champions League yesterday at the age of 36 years 236. He is the second-oldest of all time after Brian Robson (36 years 282 days) against Galatasaray in 1993.