Chelsea are frustrated by wage cuts because of losing the CL ticket.

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Chelsea failure to secure a place in the Champions League next season. Will force some players to reduce their wages. While the club is facing growing discontent within the team.

The Blues were knocked out of this season’s Champions League by Real Madrid on Tuesday night. It means the two-time champions will miss out on playing for Europe’s biggest club trophy in the 2023-24 season.

And missing out on the Champions League will cause a lot of players to lose a huge amount of money.

Following the arrivals of Todd Bohly and co-owners Clearlake Capital. They switched to a bonus structure with player contracts linked to Champions League qualification. Which can be seen that their wages fluctuate depending on whether they compete or not UFABET

It’s a major change from the Roman Abramovich era.

Which only rewarded players when the club won a trophy.

The Daily Mail reports that the club’s recently signed players. Or those who have renewed their contracts must see their income drop by at least 30 percent.

The source also states that some contract discussions. Including a wage increase of up to 50 per cent, have been discussed with Chelsea in the Champions League.

It is not clear whether the variable wage plan will be enforced immediately. Or whether players will receive a grace period.

The decision to enforce an incentive wage structure is designed to motivate players. But it is also a level of protection for Chelsea. If they encounter a period of financial hardship caused by not qualifying for the Champions League. Which will cost a lot of money as well.

On the contrary Players signed under Abramovich will continue to receive full wages.

Chelsea have signed 12 senior players since the Bohly and Clearlake takeovers. While seven members have signed new contracts since Abramovich’s departure. With most receiving Impact of missing out on Chelsea’s Champions League ticket.