Barcelona reveals that Ronald Aarajo is feeling better.

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Ronald Aarajo lay in bed and wait until Tuesday night in the hospital to recover. Before being allow to go home on Wednesday afternoon.

Barcelona have provide an update on Ronald Arajo’s latest condition. Who was discharge from hospital on Wednesday afternoon and under going initial testing. The 23-year-old is expect to recover soon. According to Deerio Sport.

Ronald Aarajo clash with mate Pablo Martin Paez Cabira Gabi during a header midway through the second half of Tuesday’s 3-1 win over Celta Vigo. With a concussion on his head and was take to the hospital. He spend the night at the hospital until Tuesday night. UFABET And was discharged Wednesday afternoon. 

According to reports, Araoujo pass the first phase of testing before Barcelona release a statement saying the 23-year-old defender will recover soon. 

‘The further testing for the first team player Ronald Aarajo has successful and he has discharge from hospital. Evolution will indicate his readiness a club statement said on Aarajo.

Barcelona defender Ronald Aarajo was take off the field in an ambulance. After clash heads with a teammate and collapsing on Tuesday.

The Uruguay defender “has suffer a concussion and has take to the hospital to undergo further testing,” the club said on Twitter. He appear to be conscious as he was put into the ambulance.