The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has affected Jadon Sancho ?

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Former England midfielder Danny Murphy has pointed out that the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has affected Jadon Sancho at Manchester United.

         Sancho joined the club this summer after being rumored since last year with hopes of reinforcing the team’s missing attacking right-wing. But back to being able to show off at all and rarely get a chance to play at full strength.

         Murphy pointed out that Ronaldo’s arrival hampered Sancho’s chances of playing. It will leading to a lack of confidence. He is ready to point out that players should have more chances to come down. Without caring about the same form of play as Manchester City’s Jack Grealish.

        “He has a bit of a problem. but i’m not worried when you have those talents I think it takes time to find your rhythm. Find your place in the team,” Murphy told talkSPORT.

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has affected Jadon Sancho

         “I think he suffered because of Ronaldo because he played more. If you remember the first game against Leeds, (Mason) Greenwood was in front of the target. But since Ronaldo they have played Greenwood on the right which is correct. because I am his fan But I think he is a target striker.”

         Meanwhile, Murphy suggested that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should let Sancho continue playing to regain confidence.

        “For example, Grealish at Manchester City, since he joined the team. He has played every game regardless of form. If he is ignored, there will be many conversations and it will get into his head.”