Steven Gerrard insists he’s not in a hurry to sign Coutinho permanently

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard insists the club will not rush to signing a permanent contract with Philippe Coutinho, despite the Brazilian’s impressive display.

Coutinho has a contract with Barcelona until the end of next season and Gerrard has made no secrets. Regarding his desire to use the 29-year-old beyond the end of the current season The club has a purchase option of 33.4 million pounds.

If the ex-Liverpool playmaker wanted to join Villa permanently, he would have to cut his £480,000 wages.

At Barca, Coutinho is paid pre-tax £25m a year, while Villa have agreed to pay less than 25 per cent of his weekly wages for six months, or around £120,000 a week.

“For me, any decision At the moment it doesn’t make sense.” Steven Gerrard said.

“When he’s in the right place. UFABET When he is comfortable, happy and enjoying his football. We all know we are gaining world-class talent.”

“We just have to keep having fun with him. Make him strong from now until the end of the season. And I’m sure he can help us.”

“Watching him and working with him and seeing him return to top form And to enjoy football again is a pleasure.”

Coutinho has three goals and three assists since moving to Villa Park in January.