PSG changes its mind and hopes to abandon the Portuguese striker.

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PSG changes its mind and hopes to abandon the Portuguese striker.

Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly ready to abandon Portuguese striker Gonzalo Ramos. Who had previously link with Manchester United next summer Even though. They just spent a large sum of money to buy it out from Benfica.

Rich enough to do anything, Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly ready to abandon Gonzalo Ramos, striker of the Portuguese national team. who had previously link with Manchester United, leaving the team next summer Even though they just spent a large sum of money to buy out Benfica only last November.

In addition to scoring 27 goals playing with Benfica last season.

Ramos also made his name at the 2022 World Cup at the end of the year by scoring a game-winning hat-trick. Switzerland 6-1 in the round of 16. As a result, this past summer, PSG grabbed Ramos to strengthen the team on a loan contract. To avoid damaging the FFP financial rules.

But after Ramos scored just two goals in 15 appearances in all competitions, PSG swooped in in November by agreeing to pay €65m to buy the 22-year-old Portuguese striker from Benfica in addition. With the option to pay an additional €15 million based on future performance. Under this deal, Ramos signed a contract with PSG until 2028.

However, ยูฟ่าเบท reports the latest news. That Luis Enrique is not impressed with Ramos’ performance in any way and is considering finding a new striker to replace him in the future.

For this reason, PSG is ready to release Ramos from the team for a price similar to the one he bought. It is expecte. That the transfer will take place in the summer market. More than this month that many people The club couldn’t move much.

Manchester United were once rumored to seriously interested in Ramos. Before the player end up with PSG, including the Red Devils signing Danish striker Rasmus Hojlund from Atata. Lanta