Manchester City Ruben Dias reveals about defeat 2-0 to PSG

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias reveals about defeat 2-0 to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League group stage yesterday, so he hopes to adjust his focus as quickly as possible to the English Premier League stage by Chasing Liverpool’s next rival to Anfield.

City created 18 finishing chances at Parc des Princes, but the goal was clean, wrong with PSG, trying just six of the games, turning into two goals. 

Vice-captain Dias became annoyed at the attacking line, especially Bernardo Silva, who repeatedly hit the bar three yards away. I hope to go back to do more homework and drain the repressed opponents like ‘Reds’ because they bet three points to become the leader of the crowd.

Manchester City Ruben Dias reveals about defeat 2-0 to Paris Saint-Germain

“Most importantly, it was a disappointing night,” Dias opened up

“I’m still pissed, as well as the team, we create chances to play well in the face of tight opponents. Two quality teams duel each other with different rhythms to do both. But the important thing is that we can create opportunities, but they don’t end.” 

“It shouldn’t matter before the game against Liverpool especially we know what we can do, we know the identity of the team and what we need to do at Anfield if we want to win.”

“Losing the game is very upset. But that is the nature of the top team. Accept it, but it’s not too long to be sad, we’ll be back again.”  

“The next match against Liverpool needs to be won. We can win every game just by completing it. Because it’s a huge difference between coming out and actually showing.” 

“From now on, concentrate on Sunday’s game. Anfield game That will be a match where we extract every drop of energy.” 

The situation in the league at this time, the ‘Reds’ are leading with 14 points. But Manchester City and the other four camps are just one point behind.