Let go and let go! Manchester United Greenwood sale

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Let go and let go! Manchester United puts price tag on Greenwood sale

Manchester United have decided not to bring back Mason Greenwood, with the England striker’s selling price already set.

Manchester United has decided not to bring back Mason Greenwood by setting a price for the England striker. It’s already set up. After the players left to create good results with Getafe in a loan contract.

Due to the sexual misconduct issue, Greenwood has no future with Manchester United, even though the court has decided to acquit him of his guilt. Still haven’t had the green light from the Red Devils to return to the field. But there was no break in the contract to pay compensation. Until being on loan to Getafe on the market closing day of 1 September.

So far, the 21-year-old forward has made five appearances for Getafe and scored his first goal in a 2-2 draw with Celta Vigo before the international break.

Previously, Greenwood was rumore to under the watchful eye of Sevilla. Who are ready to buy players to sharpen their offensive line. Even if you have to wait for the contract with Getafe to expire first.

Recently, the https://ufabet999.com revealed that Manchester United does not plan on keeping Greenwood either, and is ready to sell him out of the team for a price of around 23 million pounds or 25 million euros together.