Lampard urges his players to fight with the supporters.

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Acting Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has stressed that. His players must do their part to produce good play and the supporters will definitely back them up.

navy blue lion Prepare to host Real Madrid at home in the Champions League quarter-final second leg on Tuesday night. In which the first game was represented by Spain, winning at home with a score of 2-0. 

That situation meant the top London side had to win by a two-goal margin to hold on at least in extra time. Or must win with a score of three or more to turn into the final UFABET

“It’s up to us as a team to play with the desire to try to turn things around in this game.” Lampard said the Englishman.

“The atmosphere (on the pitch) will be great. But it’s up to us to fight with the fans. Because they can help us We have to play our part.

“Real Madrid has a great coach. Someone I understand very well from working with him. It’s clear that they have core players performing at the highest level year after year.

“I’m talking about (Luka) Modric, (Toni) Kroos, (Karim) Benzema and others. And a very good team in every part .”