Cristiano Ronaldo take off his shirt to celebrate the score

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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the injury-time winner as the team beat Villarreal 2-1 in the Champions League group stage yesterday. That revealed that the atmosphere at Old Ta Rafford urged him to take off his shirt to celebrate the score. Even though he was shown a yellow card, he did not blame the fans because he sent a great latent power to him.

Ronaldo has scored five goals in five games since his return to the club. ‘Red Devils’ second round Give credit to the Red Army because they have contributed to creating the end-game momentum until they can crush 3 points successfully. 

Cristiani Ronaldo take off his shirt to celebrate the score

Without you, without us, so just a yellow card on your hand is worth it. 

“Sometimes the players try to do our best and play our best, but sometimes it can’t happen,” he told MU TV and ufabet .

“The fans in the stadium play a role now as well. When the team faces difficult times We need people to push, that’s why I have to say. I need everyone’s strength to help me awaken.” 

“You (fans) have given us the motivation to keep going, running again and not losing faith. As we sank last night Our team is very happy an important victory And we’re on a good track now.” 

“The record for most Champions League games of all time is amazing. It’s another chapter on the career path. a beautiful chapter So I’m happy to score the winning goal and the way it works.”

“Create an all-time record and score more shots. It was a wonderful night. I would like to give credit to the attitude of working as a team. is the most important thing here.”

The situation in Group F, United has 3 points in second place. One point behind Atalanta