Soft drinks with 0% sugar formula do not make you fat, is it true?

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Soft drinks with 0% sugar formula do not make you fat, is it true?

Many people who want to lose weight but addicted to soft drink So choose a 0% sugar formula or sugar free, but in fact, soft drinks like this don’t make us fat. Or does it really hurt the body like we think? Let’s see at สมัคร ufabet

Why does 0% sugar soft drink have a sweet taste?

The 0% sugar soft drink has a sweet taste because sweeteners are added instead of sugar.

sweetener Is there any danger?

Although sweeteners instead of sugar It is popular for people who want to lose weight. But from the study it was found that Drinks with sweeteners instead of sugar. Doesn’t help lose weight

Aspartame plays a role in intestinal microflora. This results in abnormal metabolic processes. May cause abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes . People who regularly drink these drinks are at risk of developing arteriosclerosis. and increased heart disease

In addition, sweeteners have an effect on the brain. feeling of fullness glucose control secretion of insulin and hormones as well

However, no research has yet been 100% determined that sweeteners cause diabetes. and truly fat in the belly Still have to wait for further research. But the researchers say common foods that come naturally. It’s what we’ve been eating since the beginning. Later, when technology have invented progressive The food was brought to experiment with processing, adding raw materials, new ingredients into which the changes were made. would have both good and bad effects as well

If you want to lose weight I was determined to reduce the carbonated water, it would be better.