“Bloodstream infection” is life threatening. How did it happen?

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Bloodstream infection” is life threatening. How did it happen?

The danger of low blood pressure from bloodstream infection

Deputy Director General of the Medical Department added that Low blood pressure due to bloodstream infection, often accompanied by high fever, chills, and cold hands and feet. faster breathing Less consciousness, nausea, vomiting, spots on the skin may appear. less urine insufficient blood flow to the organs lead to shock Some patients with low blood pressure Your doctor may prescribe medication to increase your blood pressure. and need treatment to encourage normal breathing. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

However, sepsis from certain pathogens can prevented by: 

Comprehensive vaccination in children regularly. Those with compromised immune systems should maintain their health and follow the doctor’s advice. Should stop smoking do not use drugs eat healthy food exercise regularly Always wash your hands. and should be careful to protect themselves when they are near patients with various diseases. However, if abnormal symptoms found Should see a doctor for immediate treatment.

Thai people are infecte in the bloodstream per year. Generally due to many causes, such as bacterial, fungal, viral infections, surgery, immunodeficiency. elderly patients Patients with chronic diseases, pediatric patients, newborns, or inserting devices into the body There is a high chance of infection in the blood stream.

However, when the infection occurs, it can quickly spread throughout the body. causing uneven body temperature respiratory system deteriorates and patients with severe hypotension from such bloodstream infection It often leads to organ failure, loss of consciousness and even death.