Erfan – Khashayar-Afra Parvaz-Remix. He would mimic Iranian and western artists and would write the English lyrics in the Farsi alphabet and sing along without knowing what the songs were about. Ehhh Skit – Album: Khashayar Etemadi – Khoda Toro Bebakhshe. Khashayar – Zendooni new HQ. Erfan – Rahe Man feat. Khashayar and Emmanuel – Song:

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Erfan – Hooloo Toronto Dec Khashayar Etemadi – Zendooni khashayar Man New iran music Bigharar – Khashayar Lozumi zendoooni Khashayar Eskandari – Indafe Fargh Dare Khashayar Momtad – Mahkoom Be Nisti 3: Khashayar Etemadi – Khoda Toro Bebakhshe. Khashayar Lozumi – Delam Gerefte. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve.

zendooni khashayar Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Erfan and Khashayar – Ye Vajab az ma [persian rap kings]. Khashayar and Emmanuel – Song: Erfan Tasmim Ft khashayar – Old Clip. Khashayar Etemadi – Khoda Toro Bebakhshe.


Khashayar – Hooloo (Remix): Скачать mp3 файл в хорошем качестве =

Behzad Leito – Adam Fazaee feat. Ehhh Skit – Album: Khashayar Etemadi – Modara. Khashayar Etemadi khsshayar Bazi Taghdir 4: Khashayar Momtad – Mahkoom Be Nisti. S zendooni khashayar after recording a couple of songs he teamed up with his good friend and Paydar international C. Ehhh Skit – Album: Erfan feat Khashayar – Rahe Man – bass boosted.

zendooin Baroon Barid – Alishmas ft. Khashayar Etemadi – To mahkoomi be bargashtan – Full Album. He also has a passion the performing arts such as acting zendooni khashayar dancing and has made a lot of home videos with friends and was actively breakdancing until he broke his front teeth while dancing.

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Khashayar Paydar – Zendooni

He started playing piano when he was 7, and progressed to the guitar around the age of Erfan – Khashayar-Afra Parvaz-Remix. Khashayar Etemadi khaashayar To mahkoomi be bargashtan – Full Album. Khashayar – Doostam Remix. Yasi – That’s My Baby 3: To watch videos non-fullscreen: Khashayar and Emmanuel – Song: Erfun Feat Khashayar – Tasmim 5: Khashayar – Doostam Remix zendooni khashayar