Or you can scale only WinFIG up by setting a scale factor in an environment variable. Finally I had time to take care of some of them and I really think they increase the usability in some areas. Read the full changelog. Project migrated to Visual Studio It then drops itself in the Windows file.

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You have to winrig the command line parameters i. Visual Studio Small Logs. Installing the app is a fast and easy task. It should only be added to those winfig can handle it.


The image was cropped when exporting as Metafile. It is a much better format anyway. This release is a major redesign. LaTeX formatted texts are inspected for characters with descent g, winfig, p, q, y, Q. I added one more snapping mode in addition to snapping to grid. This probably occurs on Windows 7 winfig 8 installations.

Anti-Aliasing turned off for grid lines. Boost MinGw Gcc Windows.

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The export formats are now selectable from a list. You can install free updates for a period of three years. The toolbox lets users create circles and ellipses by specifying the radius or diameter, splines winfig closed splines by setting the control points, along with winffig or closed interpolated splines, in addition to rectangulars, polygons, polylines and arcs.


WinFIG winfig saves the settings for grid and magnet. There may be even more modes in the future. The undo feature now allows taking winfig multiple steps. For more info see the Readme file.

WinFIG contains a convenience function that creates the main document on the fly winfig executes all necessary steps. So far no bugs are known, but be aware that there might be unresolved errors. WinFIG gets the display resolution dynamically from winfig graphics driver and uses that resolution for both units i. Or winfig can scale only WinFIG up by setting a scale factor in an environment variable. That makes winfig very easy to i. Proudly powered by WordPress. The rendering of boxes with round corners has been improved PSTeX export can now create the PS and the TeX file at the same time Files are now saved in Unix winfig without the additional carriage return at the end of each line The number of objects that can be saved in the unregistered version was set to 15 Bug fixes: If your period of free updates is over and you want to renew your license at a reduced fare.


You can either use the Symbol font or you use LaTeX syntax and winfig your figure using the pstex export. You can then enter formula the same way as in a LaTeX document e.

You can paste to another window too. Maple 3D Phase Portrate.

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It may be helpful for looking up details winfig the various switches that can be used winfig the export formats. You can also export using pstex or pdftex and include the exported files in your own LaTeX document and print that. Unter certain circumstances it was possible to connect a point of a closed polygon or spline to another object.

Fusion is the new platform wifig Qt theme.