Maciej Kosinski proves to be an excellent singer here, and he definitely has the potential to become a recognised voice in the genre. Latest members reviews After their surprisingly good bebut “Time Must Have a Stop” , the expectations of Votum’s follow-up were high. It was all meant to be a definite solution, A definite solution? The tempo continues to shift somewhat. The ending, combining heavier riffs among the heaviest on the album with what sounds like choirs, gives it an incredibly dramatic feel.

votum metafiction

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Atmosphere and reserved vocals to start, it’s heavier a minute in. Think of heavier Enchant. The final act has a faster tempo that perfectly complements the rest of the song.

Or is vorum all in my head? I will certainly buy this immediately. Written by vezzy on This is another great song that presents a lot of emotion, and it provides some great prog rock as well. I frankly didn’t expect songs structures like those: InVotum released their first album Time Must Have a Stopwhich impressed some but left me cold. Stranger Than Fiction The road … it winds snakelike The wish to shed the spying headlights The plot needs a solid twist now I say that you burn And you burn … The cause-and-effect rule Is it the relentless code of fiction That made her steer metafictio the clear track?


Votum – Metafiction – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

As far as I remember, Votum is a decent thing. It’s the greatest highlight of Metafiction, although I need to say that each one of the mteafiction songs here is perfectly placed here and all of them are really good.

Notify me of new posts by email. At least in the debut album, that is. The review is interesting but I gotta say they reaaly didn’t appeal to me. Let’s just say that it might have been the first time ever that I decided to listen to an album based on the artwork and the concept alone — this means something in itself, and these are two things the band must have paid a lot of attention to.

Canada Written by vezzy on Overall, though, props should be given to the vocalist and the drummer here. Yes, yes I do. What did Diddy didn’t do?

Talking about heavier riffs, this is the only thing that doesn’t work that well on the album. Heavy again at 6 minutes.

votum metafiction

They are great muscian but I just can’t connect with the songs You cannot sedate all the things you hate – MM The Observer is the source of reality – Bloom God damn it!! I deliberately left the closing track, called December 20th, as the last one, as it deserves a kind of special treatment.


votum metafiction

It just feels weird after a while. Like a broken record, like broken glass … I stopped counting rays, You know I lost count of days. Now does it move you?

Votum – Metafiction Review

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. But unfortunately these things are too few and far between to keep things fresh. Votum have released an interesting album, that basically sounds easy, but holds a lot of listening experiences for a long time. The band’s debut album ‘Time Must Have a Stop’ has been praised by those few who’ve heard it.

Votum – Metafiction – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Costa Rica This is the only Votum album I haven’t listened to. The tempo continues to shift somewhat. Votum build strong atmospheres.

votum metafiction

Der Weg Einer Freiheit.