Sivakarthikeyan , Anthony Dasan. Bosepandi and Kodi steal the gun and run away and cause a lot of trouble. Imman , which is the second time he has contributed the score for a film starring Sivakarthikeyan after Manam Kothi Paravai. Behindwoods Review Board rated 2. The New Indian Express wrote, “A promising work by a debutant, the film though not the best of comedies, makes for a fairly pleasant watch”. Ashok Kumar 27 July

varuthapadatha valibar sangam kannala sollura mp3 songs

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Bosepandi walks away listening to a sad song when a gang comes and bashes him. The same night, the police reveals to Sivanandi that the person who stopped Lathapandi’s marriage was Bosepandi.

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Praising the work of the actors in the film, Indiaglitz says, “The film’s biggest strength is Sathyaraj, and the climax alone is enough to show his strength. Retrieved 5 September The man who has shifted gears towards character roles is doing a good job out of it.

Bosepandi and Lathapandi return though and ruin Sivanandi’s plans and Bosepandi stated that he returned because his father offered him more money. The film begins with police arriving at Sivanandi’s Sathyaraj house questioning him about killing his daughter Lathapandi Sri Divya because she ran away with the guy she loved.

When running away at night, they see Sivanandi and he tells them to run away and gives them some money so that they never come back. Retrieved 16 August That night he stays with Lathapandi in her house and they see Sivanandi sleepwalking. He decides to move on in life, so he arranges for a Dindigul programme to happen in his area. The police talks to Sivanandi and makes him stop the marriage.


One day, Bosepandi falls in love with Kalyani Bindu Madhavi who is a teacher at a school.

varuthapadatha valibar sangam kannala sollura mp3 songs

SivakarthikeyanAnthony Dasan. Add D Imman’s peppy melodies with a rural touch and you get a mass comedy entertainer”. The film ends with Sivanandi and Bosepandi laughing happily. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Bosepandi writes a love letter for her but wants someone to varuhtapadatha give it to her so that’s when he finds Lathapandi.

After that, they wake up in the morning and they see Sivanandi walking again.

Kannala Sollura Sng In Masstamilan

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sivanandi’s cow falls into a well when he goes out of town so Bosepandi helps to get it out. Escape Artists Motion Pictures.

varuthapadatha valibar sangam kannala sollura mp3 songs

Rajesh wrote the dialogues for the film. Once he finds valibad that he is indeed awake, he runs out of that house. This time he is awake but Bosepandi thinks he’s sleepwalking again and so he tells Sivanandi about liking his daughter. It has completed 50 days successfully in many theatres.


He watches them get married and then he walks home with blood on his shirt the blood is of a goat that he killed and lies to everyone that he killed his daughter because songe his reputation. Rediff wrote, “Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam is boring and gets repetitive after a while”. Bosepandi Sivakarthikeyan and Kodi Soori are two friends who are the leaders of a group called Varuthapadadha Valibar Sangam.

Varutha padatha valibar sangam bgm tones

Retrieved from ” https: Sivakarthikeyan had sung a song in this film. The soundtrack was composed by D. Sivanandi wants Bosepandi and Lathapandi to run away because he doesn’t want Lathapandi to marry the guy he has chosen for her and he can’t stop her marriage because he has too much respect in his village.

Retrieved 7 September Sivanandi then makes Lathapandi promise that she will only marry the guy who Sivanandi tells her to marry and so she does promise her dad.

varuthapadatha valibar sangam kannala sollura mp3 songs

Retrieved 13 June Her mother warns her that this is not correct and she should stop it.