No problems with different theme styles or content inside the tabs. With this module, you can create tabs on a site which include various content, like for a module or XHTML code defined by a user. Aug 27 Date added: Get an intuitive, helpful tab tool today; open-source and available for download right now for all our registered members! Intuitive back-end allows to add a plugin with a few clicks.

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Showing 5 cities weather. RT Hexeris – joomla template. The most important are: No documentation on that.

Use the Tabs GK4 Joomla module to add tabbed sections to your website

With this module, you can create tabs on a site which tabs gk4 various rabs, like for a module or XHTML code defined by a user. By embedding News Show GK4 module in it, this tool makes it possible to easily present articles in the form of a tsbs. Posted on 11 June I really looked hard for Tabs like this, I have no problems to run modules scripts etc within, the admin-UI is really great to work with, they are tabs gk4 only as far I found out, which try to come along with the demands of responsive templates, but here is the only shotcoming I currently experienced, the auto height does not seem to work unfailable enough.


Support no responden en foro, a pesar de ser usuario registrado y activo con templates. Last comments RSMembership – component joomla cuong Only problem with inserting other modules into tabs. Added function gkTabEventTrigger for use in the external scripts.

I confess, do not know any tabs that are likewise flexible and likewise intended to meet the demands of responsive templates, but in this respect they still tabs gk4 improvable to me.

What’s the best Tabs module for Joomla?

Interesting Articles Content distribution Part 4 At this point you should already be habs understood how to use the content on the site can attract targeted visitors. JSN Tendo – joomla template. User-friendly config options from the backend which tabs gk4 you to customize it so it fits your website.

Ari Image Slider – joomla module. Random Material iJoomla Magazine – joomla component.

Joomla Tabs Module

IT Public – joomla template. Documentation Tabw need it. Intuitive back-end allows to add a plugin tabs gk4 a few tabs gk4. About Us Advertising Sitemap Contacts. Functionality Not sure what the previous reviewer was talking about. Posted on 09 July Posted on 17 September Thanks for good work!


Random Gk Metro Grid GK5 – joomla module With module Metro Grid GK5, you can implement data output in the form of a grid in order to save space on the basis of the table layout of the website and implement various Module version for Joomla 1. This version fixes a problem when saving and editing forms tab.

All views can be adjusted to habs needs. VT Trucking – joomla template. Nice, easy, flexible extension!!! JP Furniture – joomla template. GPLv2 or later Type: This is super easy tabs gk4 use and NO dox required. Superb flexibility allows for a huge number of tabs and variations to really diversify your website.