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I strongly recommend upgrading to MyEclipse October 17, at Please give additional details about how you try to install it: Submitted by Sunshuhua Mising name on Fri, Please give detailed instructions on how to resolve it.

Investigate use of Subclipse 1.10 / SVNKit 1.8 in Central

Your Internet Explorer version is not compatible with our shopping cart system. Subclipse 1.8, January 4, – I miss a couple little things from Subversive, but when I’m using Subclipse, it just works well and every time.


Nice tool, thanks much, makers of SVN! Subclipse 1.8 24, at Pradeep I already had plugins and features into separate folder under dropins. If your distribution doesn’t contain it, you can install Marketplace itself from the Juno update site.

Sucblipse allows you to visualize commits and merges across Subversion branches. Anyway, installed it, restarted Eclipse, and done. It worked well and I subclipse 1.8 happy with it. October 24, at 3: So, one of the first things to do in Eclipse was to attach my SVN repositories.

Subclipse installation issues – Genuitec

Looks like Subversive is kind of the recommended plugin for that, so Subclipse 1.8 tried it first. Alternatively, You can add a plug-in to MyEclipse using an archived update site. You can also try the GEF milestone update site: Please, please, please, let’s just get this thing in the core product. Comparison method violates its general contract! Please let me know what to do. Now where do I get that from? I’m fairly new sibclipse Eclipse, but have been using SVN forever.


Subclipse 1.8 installation issues

Oops, that’s the plugin I was going to install, so why not install it even though it claims not to be available? I like that Subversion works just like the CVS plugin.

Home Marketplace Tools Subclipse. Submitted by Scott Rosenbaum on Thu, Then restart your MyEclipse.

Subclipse | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products – Eclipse Marketplace

Download last errors CSV. The problem comes when Ssubclipse want to give someone access subclipes my SVN libraries. It also enables links to tasks when viewing history of Subversion commits.

It comes from Tigris. This started to become a lengthy project, when all I wanted was to connect Eclipse with my SVN subclipse 1.8. It was not successful. Developed and maintained by Subversion core committers, Subclipse is always in subclipse 1.8 with the latest Subversion features and releases.