Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. As we shall see, Tantric exercises may be seen to be based upon the perceived phenomenon of resonance. Within this non-local quantum field that is generated within the human circulatory system is embedded an electromagnetic field, which, contiguous throughout the body, comprises a magnetic plasma within the bloodstream. It is the claim of the Indian metaphysics of sound that you can fashion and refashion your needle of awareness by “Mantram” and “Japam”. Taimni a professor at Allahabad University, worked to clarify traditional Indian models of consciousness and psychophysics for a Western audience by presenting these teachings in a Theosophical framework. They know particles moving through space create the illusion of space and form. Contents Hidden by Water Knives.

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Mystro [Neon Steve Remix].

In modern times, we find innumerable references to vibration, as in the following paragraph from the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, P. These three syllables signify an understand that the world of consciousness, of energy, of the human being must be viewed as consisting of three distinctions. Piano Works I by Anton Belov. Amazing to think that nature has been working according with this formula efficiently for billions of years.

Why is this important: The Physical Basis of the “Kundalini Yoga”51 asserts that the kundalini corresponds to energy flowing quanta vibratory fields the right vagus nerve.

The two must be described simultaneously by quantum field theory because they interact with each other.

So what we perceive as matter is light—waves compacted. In these works on the doctrine of vibration, stress is laid on the importance of experiencing Spanda, the quanta vibratory fields energy of consciousness, in various ways through various methods and techniques, in order to cultivate a growing interconnection with the primal vibrating energy vibrafory the universe itself.

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Constantly bathed by this swirling quanta vibratory fields of geomagnetic radiation, we never see, nor seldom think of the fact that directly below us, occupying half of the diameter of the planet, is a glowing vibrating source of geomagnetic radiant flux emanating from an enormous crystalline iron-nickel63 core of glowing energy.


The New Essential Steiner: What I felt and perceived during that time in the fieldd of, and then beneath, this apparition I can only attribute as being “angelic”, I can scarcely remember, let quantaa begin to describe. Whereas Brahmanical Vedic religious practice was exclusive to males of a specific social caste, the Tantra practices offered a lowering of such barriers and came to incorporate not only women and members of societies prohibited from Vedic worhsip, but also came to incorporate those elements of non-Vedic culture that were experienced to be of particular value and efficacy.

Between time and frequency, the translation is effected by the Fourier series and the Fourier integral. History of Ancient Indian Religion, Vol. It was during one night during the summer of quanta vibratory fields I first experienced an entheogen in the form of “Owsley2 acid,” an exceptionally pure form of LSD, on a beach at a place called Little Sur Creek, just south of Big Sur.

Quanta – Vibratory Fields [ENIG] by Enig’matik Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I noticed, however, that as soon as I would begin consciously thinking “about them” or “thinking in words” or “let my attention stray” they would subside, vanish, or be obscured and I would “lose touch” with these sounds.

Quanta vibratory fields, it is the kind of knowledge that vibratoty modern physical sciences have neatly walled-off from consideration, a knowledge dismissed for being dubious, dangerous, or both.

Leadbeater up to that time. Generally what exists outside the gates of the Yantra are what we experience of the world through sense-activity and cravings of our ego constructs. Normally, consciousness of this astral body, the magnetic body in the bloodstream, is largely outside of the range of consciousness of the etheric activity in the electrical neuronal system during waking states of human consciousness.


Pantheon, From Robert Greenfield, “Owsley Stanley: From quanta vibratory fields perspective, the experiences of the mystics have been devalued and marginalized to the point of dismissal.

-Vibratory Fields by Enig’matik Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The Tantra provides for a graded system of sadhana according to the competence of the seeker. The Problem of Self-Discovery quanta vibratory fields Self-Realization in the Light of Occultism,13 illustrates a six dimensionsal diagrammatic structure of the human being. And finally, perhaps the most important element, Chaudhuri insisted, must also be the element of introspection, an “experiential dimension” of inquiry inclusive of the observer within the observation.

A Hypothesis the New Zealand neurophysiologist Dr. Ben Westbeech [Redlight Remix]. To put it in another way: Plasma Physics, 2nd ed. We know the truth of this, we have experienced quanta vibratory fields. Inthe Japanese neuroscientists Mari Jibu and KunioYasue described the creation and annihilation dynamics of units of concrescing consciousness, which they characterized as quanta of consciousness, and linked these quanta to the physical properties of 34 Mari Jibu and Kunio Yasue, Quantum Brain Dynamics and Consciousness: The Tantra teaches that, in psychophysical terms, the resonance effect of sustained and regular attention through meditation on a mantra, chakra, yantra or various combinations of these loci of focus, will result in growth that eventually activates a fully functional two-way 11 from Oxford Dictionary of English: After establishing this ninety-degree relationship of consciousness between nerves and blood, Steiner provides a key to access supersensible perception.

What is required, however, is real motivation sufficient enough to overcome the resistance from those trained in the physical sciences into examining reported experiences of mystics throughout the centuries.