Your solution for power transmission planning model management: Project management Model management is based on standard databases i. Automatic validation of protection settings by systematic short circuit sweeps throughout the entire network or network groups Fault type with user-defined fault impedances Main and backup protection assessment Backward protection, machine protection, specific transformer treatment Pickup and tripping sequences, tripping times, fault clearing times User-defined max fault clearing time limits and line damage limit checks Interactive matrix based total assessment overview with color coding to identify critical settings In-depth evaluation of preselected events Color coding visuals of results in the network diagram Enhanced automatic reporting generation. How to enable JavaScript. Compensation optimization Capabilities of this module include: Perform power system protection system audits and set calculations:

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Enhanced protection simulation with distance devices Capabilities of this module include: The following systems can be calculated: Load development Capabilities of this module include: This assures that the data in both the Master Database and in the local client databases remain consistent.

Setting calculation for distance protection Capabilities of this pss sincal include: Flicker Capabilities of this module include: Short-circuit calculation capabilities include: Torsion Capabilities of pss sincal module include: Please allow JavaScript This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly.

Contingency analysis and restoration of supply. The module automatically determines the maximum generation or load that can be installed independently at each point of the distribution system without violating any constraints in a systematic and cost effective way.


At any point in time starting from the setting calculation, parameterization and testing the settings as well as the accompanying documents must be traceable and the workflow state clearly indicated. Numerous program modules allow for this program to be adjusted to the individual requirements of each user.


Performance enhancement solutions Maintenance, repair and parts solutions Digital Services for Energy Services for power transmission, distribution and smart grid Training. Grid compliance renewables connection EEG Capabilities pss sincal this module include: Smart Grid newsletters Register and select your areas of interest to receive relevant information from us on a regular basis. Managing and utilizing system transmission: When multiple faults and interruptions occur in a power system simultaneously at several locations, e.

This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. Power electronic devices PWMs, rectifiers and discrete components diodes, thyristors, etc. Typical analysis siincal for pipe networks include: Contingency analysis N-1 criteria and N criteria Interruption of wincal Detect network states outside limits during outages User-defined outages of single elements outage groups or function Results: Learn more about the electricity, pipe network, and model and workflow management modules: Electricity — protection modules.

Dynamic network reduction Capabilities of this module include: This enables ssincal to perform tasks such as operational security analysis, pds planning, or coordinated capacity allocations. Each company can easily pick the package they want at subscription length that best fits their needs.


Optimizes the grid by minimizing network losses by optimal equipment set points Various controls and constraints such as voltage profiles, element load limits, generator power and transformer taps Determination of set points pss sincal controllable elements such as generators, transformers and switched shunt elements Robust solution which is independent from starting point Supporting several weighting and penalty parameters.

Line constants calculation is capable of sinal characteristic parameters of overhead lines and underground cables.

Are you sjncal for modules that support you with multi user project management? The purpose of the contingency analysis software module is to assess the load flow in networks during outages of network components and generators.

The wind power model package contains the following models for load flow and stability simulations:. Required a long-term network planning software that could provide a current accurate grid model.

SimTec – PSS SINCAL Platform

This page requires JavaScript pss sincal order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. Ssincal optimization Capabilities of this module include: For the best experience we suggest that you download the newest version of a supported browser:. Generic wind models The wind power model package contains the following models for load flow and stability simulations: