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Netscape 9 Netscape Navigator 9 is developed from the Mozilla Firefox 2.

Mac OS X ver. This site is in no way endorsed by or connected to Netscape Communication Corp.

Netscape (web browser)

What do you think about Netscape Navigator? When the file has finished downloading, continue with the installation instructions that follow. Netscape was discontinued and support for all Netscape browsers and client products was terminated on March 1, Message Boardyour questions answered!

Netscape 4 addressed the problem of Netscape Navigator being used as both the name of the suite and the browser contained within it by renaming the suite to Netscape Communicator. During this period, both the browser and the suite were known as Netscape Navigator. In netscape navigator version 4.78 of performance, you can also expect identical speed and memory usage as Firefox.


I dont know why it closed Users wish to upgrade to Netscape 8. Netscape Browser Archive is created by Nick Barrett. However, it was clear that Netscape 6 was not yet ready for release and it flopped netscape navigator version 4.78. Netscape 8 does not contain an e-mail client, and we do not consider this is a direct replacement for Netscape 7. Use the following command to navigwtor and extract its files.

If the Netscape file does not have a. One year later, in Augustthe last version based on Mozilla was released: The browser was easily the most advanced available and was therefore an instant naviggator, becoming market leader while still in beta.

Netscape x Installation Guide

Netscape 9 section Netscape 8 section Netscape 6. We aimed to make this webpage the best Netscape information and downloading netscape navigator version 4.78. Retrieved from ” https: Softonic review Netscape Communicator Complete is a handy, free netacape only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Browsers and has been created by Netscape.

Netscape very much netsvape Firefox in its features and functions, all in a clear light turquoise interface. Since the program has been added to our selection of software and apps init has obtained 70, downloads, and last week it had 19 installations.


Netscape Browser Archive – Communicator – SillyDog

Read release notes Apr John Goerzen Mark P. Netscape Browser Archive Main pageplease betscape this page as main enterance page. However, the versions continued to be numbered as if it had been released.

Netscape very much resembles Firefox in its features and functions, all in a clear light turquoise Netscape 6 is based on open source engine Geckowhile Netscape Communicator 4. Download and installation help. Netscape 6 Netscape 6 is generally considered as premature product, Netscape 7 is a better choice for stability and much better standard support.

All netscape navigator version 4.78 above are in 40 bit standard encryption, unless indicated. If there are any broken links or suggestion for this page, please use the feedback form.