The map scale can now be turned off while the 2D navigation map is visible. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Files to enable bluetooth options for the IPAQ 31x. To apply a new wallpaper in iGO8, download the wallpaper of your choice on this blog click on the picture to obtain directly the full resolution. Overspeed warnings now appear either whenever speeding or whenever available. Please wait until you receive a message that the operation is completed. Would you like to share your opinion about our Webshop?

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Files to enable bluetooth options for the IPAQ 31x. In the cockpit view, there is a new button to show the Bluetooth Dial Pad. Cockpit fields can have either a light or dark background.

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The installation process is then the same as in the case of a simple installation. Micsan “Amigo design” skin v1.

The Psol journey skin 3. Dark background navon n470 maps shown in night mode. How to download and install updates on the navigation device or software? N4470 skin for new iGO Amigo! Advanced options You have several options to review the available updates in detail: For a detailed view, go to the Advanced install wizard where you can organise your contents one-by-one.


Such new options include buttons navon n470 maps the dialpad, bluetooth manager, and OFF switch. Watch our short video to see how easy it is. At the users of iGO8 all around the world, welcome on board! Changes in this release: A double status bar shows you the progress: Compass can still be turned off however.

How to change iGO8 wallpaper? Designed for resolutions x, x and x Enjoy Sbertaud13 skin v1.

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In this menu, Naviextras Toolbox allows you to select and install individual items from a purchased package in case you choose not to install everything e. Mapx can use these buttons to expand or hide the individual packages 2.

Please wait until you receive a message that the operation is completed. This skin is intended for navon n470 maps with one of the following resolutions in landscape orientation only: Ma;s Journey skin 3. How to install free updates in Naviextras Toolbox? Here you can find all the files related to map contents navon n470 maps other extras that are already on your device or those that can be updated with your latest purchases or free updates.


Enjoy DJ Amigo skin v1. Resolutions x, x, x, x Enjoy DJ. Skin by Bidru51 – v5. Sbertaud13 Skin for iGO Amigo v1. Leave me all your remarks, questions or suggestions at: Newer Posts Older Mapa Home.

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The map shows you all the regions that you have updates for 2. Feature can be turned off however.

Please do not remove pre-installed contents as this may harm your device.