This allows users to separate test data from test commands and run automated tests with different sets of data. Maveryx plug-in extends the capabilities of Eclipse to let you: Commercial, Demo, Opensource, Subscription, Trial. Object Recognition – Maveryx provides classic to fuzzy matching algorithms to recognize test objects quickly and accurately. Maveryx Displaying 1 – 1 of 1 Maveryx. View User Guide External Articles: It is designed to provide a powerful, integrated environment to create and run the tests.


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Test Automation FrameworkTesting Tool. Commercial, Demo, Opensource, Subscription, Trial. It is an advanced search engine, powered by a broad set of algorithms, from exact to maevryx ones. Skip to main content.

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Maveryx Displaying 1 – 1 of 1 Maveryx. The key features of Maveryx 1. Maveryx offers two software editions: During runtime, Maveryx takes snapshots of the current application user interface and automatically identifies the UI elements to test. This article has multiple issues.

Unsuccessful Installs in the last 7 Days: Improved usability and performance 7. Commercial, Demo, Opensource, Subscription, Trial.



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Maveryx provides an extensible plug-in system. Testuff The Core Bankin. Ranorex RedLine13 Reflective Solu. The Maveryx Eclipse plug-in creates live charts and reports during test execution. Test Automation FrameworkTesting Tool. Maveryx automatically generates a report at the end of every test execution. The ,averyx of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products and services.

New plugins can be easily added to extend the functionality of Maveryx including support for custom controls, new APIs, custom keywords, matching algorithms, data sources, checkpoints Eclipse Plugi n – Integrates with Eclipse IDE.

Reporting system for meaningful test results 2. Users can add specific capabilities or customize the existing functionalities with separate plug-ins.

Bug fixing – and other minor improvements With Maveryx, it is also possible to identify the GUI objects to test by screenshot images.


Plugin System – Open plugin architecture allowing users to create customized extensions. Maveryx-for-Eclipse maverux a set of software tools for the Java Eclipse IDE that enables testers and developers to design, build, and run Maveryx tests directly in Eclipse.


The test reports present test executions in tables and charts that contain detailed execution results of all tests. In all cases please get more details from manufacturer. The Framework creates an XML-based test report that provides a view of the entire test run, including test cases passed and failed in a tabular format. The tool has open interfaces and a plugin architecture to add new features and support custom controls.

Maveryx – Test it simple!

JBoss Developer jClarity Jellly. Keyword-driven testing – Features support for keyword-driven testing through Excel spreadsheets and XML files. Refactoring of the test logging system for detailed test evaluation 3.

The test reporting tool automatically generates dynamic reports and graphs during test execution, so users can easily locate and evaluate trends during runtime.