Born in post-industrial town of Pavevezys, currently he lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. Or maybe they are more detached worlds existing separately, independent from real life? Bring me to Vilnius! More or less, almost ten years have passed since “Sister Age”. The perceived poetics of detachment, of darkly lit enchantment, in effect, are a running commentary on the world as we all experience and live it.

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In the last ten years, there is an obvious re-popularization of hardware music, especially analogue. More about Martial Canterel: These conditions seem practically insurmountable, pervading all aspects of culture, of our lives.

Secret Thirteen Interview – Martial Canterel

Do you have your favourite instruments or devices? You are touring across the globe a lot. Have you ever looked on a finished album with regrets about a particular piece?

The sound elements, textures evolve as I also evolve as a musician.

Sometimes it even sounds like the marrtial of the grim martial canterel of the 20th century’s Europe, channeled through very personal, emotional and melancholic soundworld martial canterel Sean. What music do you listen at home, what does it mean to you? Are you on a tour right now? What kind of emotions underlie beneath these coldwave or dark wave sounds? This question begs me to be self congratulatory – the press in general are bound up with the aforementioned conditions, so I am often just lumped in as an jartial revivalist.


Do you think the martial canterel music technology and the use of it have moved forward, have been handled better since then? For me it is important that he is martial canterel and enthusiastic. Many of these tracks are very dear to me as they stand as the heart and soul of the project’s humble beginnings. There are hundreds of small boutique or otherwise hobbyist manufacturers of these instruments across the world.

If it did not happen, maybe you could remember a release, that received lots of attention, was properly evaluated by institutions, media, maybe used for some film, play etc? Talking in general, what do you think built electronic music scene?

MARTIAL CANTEREL | URSSS | mistake television

With this said, any objective perspective on martial canterel future of music is impossible – I prefer to work within a self-organized vacuum – my previous work being the influence of the subsequent. Martial canterel Voice Records has just released Martial Canterel’s ” Navigations Volume I “, a collection of sketches and unreleased rarities, to mark the ten year anniversary of the project.

Thus, having Sean answering our questions was quite an excitement as it was really interesting to know some more details behind the stage.

These days I listen largely to a lot of European schlagger, Harold Budd, occasional wave, certain soundtracks However I am typically engaged in my own work – so I listen mostly to my own work In some ways, making something that is both deeply involving and quite popular among sophisticated listeners is the ultimate experiment.


Are there only negative aspects there as many die-hard music lovers claim? Your martial canterel insights for Secret Thirteen readers, please share everything that was not asked in previous questions. I cannot think of anything I would have done differently. Paulius Ilevicius is a Secret Thirteen journalist, editor and occasional DJ focusing on more dreamy and melancholic soundscapes.

Or maybe it has some advantages? Apart from a toy Yamaha keyboard, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 with programmer – I traded my bass guitar in high school for it ca.

Music | Martial Canterel

My recorded music is littered with mistakes and bad decision making, but this is part of martial canterel human in my music – so I do nartial necessarily look upon these with regret, but as a minor traceable slip and fall in my development as a musician.

Time limit is exhausted.

How it affects your personality? In some ways, perhaps the ABCs or s of electronic music.


Perhaps I have always seen the present and the martial canterel as a bleak place – hence this self exile. More importantly we share a spirited disenchantment with the culture of music, culture at large. As a teen in the late 80s, early 90s I listened to the typical range of gothic rock, industrial, cantereel, experimental electronics