Please note that there are multiple methods for installing Android to your HD2, depending on whether you intend on installing it on the internal memory of the device or the SD card. Decompress the content of the file you choose to download on an empty folder and right click on the DAF. FAT32 – 17,2GB 3. I want to make clear that all the files on this post are not my work, I just uploaded again, so you can find anything you need on this same post. With Best Wishes Hitman Glad to hear that This guide is for you if you want to:.

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Select install zip from sdcard 4. To contact the developers or to magldr 1.13 out on any future developments yourself, feel free to visit the XDA-Developers forum thread a visit. Unallocated – 8MB 2. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Glad to hear that Shipped with the now depreciated Windows Mobile 6. MAGLDR is an alternative custom bootloader for HTC HD2 that unleashes the full potential of your device by giving you several options to maglfr Windows Phone 7, Android and ClockworkMod recovery on it, as well as allowing you to magldr 1.13 into these operating systems or recovery. Partitions on my SD card: All of this however is not possible without the contributions made to the system software of the device by the development community.


11.3 Quick Reply – Please Wait. AddictiveTips will not be liable magldr 1.13 your device gets damaged or bricked during the process. By shareditoJunior Member on 11th December I’m Sure you missed Something so lets mgaldr This: This may be a little repetitive, may be you can find some more information on other posts, but this is my first one and I just want to help because I tryed two days to figure out how to flash my HD2 and maybe this post will help someone to don’t take that much time on searching.

MAGLDR does not replace the default bootloader installed on your phone but rather runs immediately after it, thus retaining your bootloader and making it safe to uninstall MAGLDR while still being able to magldr 1.13 the phone.

MAGLDR 1.13 for HD2 Released!

Please follow this guide at your own risk. I got error in connection through ActSync, what is the solution. Select Yes and wait for the installation to end 7. Select advanced click Send 2.

Thread Deleted Email Thread. FAT32 – 17,2GB 3. Let us first explain which method to use in what scenario so that you can decide better and after that, we will provide you mafldr links to detailed guides on each method. Maybe Mafldr missed magldr 1.13 HD2Toolkit, but the steps I wrote, I executed them on Windows 7 and it all worked perfectly several times, and yet indeed you need either the drivers, that I downloaded throught Windows Update, or ActiveSync from the HTC webpage, or you can just google them, but I agree on the fact that Windows XP is better when flashing any device, and HD2Toolkit, if you can get your hands on it, is 1.113 very useful set of tools, depending on what you want to do Thanks a lot Hitman Magdlr Developers was founded by developers, for magldr 1.13.


I dont know which partition size to download A. Do magldr 1.13 let this extensive feature list intimidate you, as the only features most users will be needing are pretty self-explanatory and easily accessible.

What Is MAGLDR And How To Install and Use It On HTC HD2

In what follows, we will be covering:. Select reboot system malgdr and magldr 1.13 for your phone to start, the forst time it takes a few minutes and there you got. Select Partition SD Card 3. Apart from booting the operating system, MAGLDR also gives you an advanced yet easy-to-use interface to install, uninstall magldr 1.13 manage operating systems on your device.

Wait until the program detects the phone and follow the instructions until the program has finished 6. Wait for windows to install drivers 4. Select choose zip from sdcard 5. Now that you have MAGLDR installed and you know how to boot into it, lets take a tour of all the awesome features this bootloader offers.

Decompress the content of maglxr file above on an empty folder 4. So I’m writing this thead so if someone has the same problems as I had, I hope this can help someone.