l5r lion clan

No Boundaries Those who walk the path of Ikoma choose a life of self-sacrifice and questionable actions in order to serve the clan as their founder did. The samurai of the Lion Clan value tradition above all else, and many Lion warriors follow directly in the footsteps of their ancestors. This choice is subject to GM approval, since not all options will be suitable for the situation and the characters involved. Matsu’s Fury The target of a Matsu’s fury has little hope of victory. The Quiet Lion’s Claws Although their principle battleground is that of the court, those who bear the name Lion’s Shadow are sons of Ikoma first and foremost, and carry the ferocity of their ancestor within their veins.

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Akodo Toturi Lion Clan. Finally, when you direct a warcat to Attack a Complex Action for lionsthe warcat may also make a Simple Move Action during the same Round. He knew a skilled corps of scouts could determine the lio of battle even before it began.

The Ferocity Within You strike as fiercely as l5e lions you have trained. Ready for Battle — Another card worth considering when splashing Lion, Ready for Battle is particularly strong against control decks that try to remove threats by bowing them.

At the same time, your understanding of both honor and emotion ,5r your own soul against temptation. He must cleanse the dishonor, typically by committing seppuku. As a secondary focus, the Matsu can generate Fear effects that can further destabilize opponents and make them easier targets for himself and allies.

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Their ability to perceive the bonds that tie the living to their ancestors have gradually expanded to the point that they area also able to sense and even manipulate the bonds that an individual might possess to other realms. With that said, Staging Ground will be a card whose mileage varies greatly depending cpan the specific deck, and will likely get better as the card pool grows.


The Lion are a proud, aggressive, and violent clan that leverages its strong military skill to win conflicts. Recursion is a mechanic with potential to be abused; it will be worth reevaluating this liom as more targets are printed. Only female Matsu samurai-ko can join the Lion’s Pride to uphold their high standards. The Beastmaster adopts lion warcats into his own pride, bonding emotionally and spiritually to each warcat that charges into battle beside him.

Superior Strategist – Lion Clan Analysis

A Lion lr5 holds bushido and his ancestors above all else. The samurai of the Lion Clan value tradition above all else, and many Lion warriors follow directly in the footsteps of their ancestors. Their secondary focus is on large-scale magic that can be employed in battle, which is the lifeblood of every Lion samurai, and can allow them to influence the outcome of skirmishes through use of powerful spells.

The ability to not bow during a conflict means that a character can potentially both attack and defend military conflicts, and then be available to either defend or attack in a political conflict. You may not increase damage rolls in this fashion, nor can you do this while assuming the Cllan Stance. The Akodo Techniques focus on precision and success, transforming marginal successes into greater ones and, at higher levels, changing failure to success.

Most Beastmasters tend to stay amongst their own kind rather than share the company of “normal” samurai. With the Soul of a Lion United by your leadership and companionship, your pride has become fearsome indeed. With the largest standing army in Rokugan, the Lion have earned their place as the Right Hand of the Emperor. If you can cite heroic or luon actions by that person and successfully roll Perform: Strength in Numbers — The final conflict card in the Lion lineup, Strength in Numbers has a targeted effect similar to that of Master of the Spear, but with fewer restrictions and drawbacks.


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You may also reroll any one of your dice during an attack roll in which you called at least one Raise. Where the Crane Clan prefer to settle their disputes through diplomacy, and their military arm is focused on sabotaging an enemy to stall them while the courtiers find a solution, the Lion revel in the glory of battle, and prize sheer ferocity over more subtle methods.

Matsu’s Fury The target of a Matsu’s fury has little hope of victory. Only a truly unique commander with a powerful destiny can challenge the Tactical Master in his own realm and hope to compete. It has a good synergy with self honoring cards like Honored General or a Gunso that has won a battle. You add your Honor Rank to all damage rolls. Akodo Gunso — Additional dynasty flips gives Lion the ability to digger deeper into their dynasty deck, searching for more bodies or extra copie s for uniques to add fate to them.

Something does not work as expected? The Fury of Matsu The Lion’s Pride bushi’s attacks leave no room for counterattack, serving as the perfect defense.

Beiona is a card that shines specifically on turn two.