The recommended setting is one or more. The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or More information. Ferrite core RS communications cable RS converter Inverter Pass the wiring through the ferrite core or wind the ferrite core with the wiring a few times Figure 1. Baud rate Set the y04 data to the same value as the baud rate setting made in Loader’s Communication Setting window see Section , [ 2 ]. When operating the inverter s from the Test run window, never disconnect the RS communications cable, USB cable, or keypad. The keypad itself has also a memory that can be used to back up the data held in the inverter memory. Then follow the instructions in this guide to.

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Wiring and Connection of Cables Be sure to turn off the power to the inverters and related devices before making RS connection. To continue, click OK. Selection of inverters to be monitored To make an inverter enable to be monitored, put a check mark in the frenic loader located at the left end column of the list. Data in inverter” in frnic Target combo box automatically selects the RS radio button.

The default folder is C: Data in inverter Selecting this combination uses the Frenic loader port and accesses function code, running status monitor, real-time trace, and other data to be used in the inverter memory.


All rights reserved The software contains proprietary information More information. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written More information.

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Browse ,oader this button checks whether a link between Loader and the inverter s marked with is established. Introduction Thank you for purchasing More information. Frenic loader the manual handy for future use. Important Please read this Installation Guide carefully to frenic loader yourself with safe and effective usage.

An accident or injury could occur if this warning is not heeded. Once you uninstall Loader when Message Manager is running, a new version of Loader installed after that cannot run properly, that is, it may no longer be able to recognize inverters. Status column – Unknown: Precautions please be sure to read these precautions The user assumes full responsibility More information. To continue, click Next.

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Installing MT More information. The power feed lines to the keypad occupy 1, 2, 7 and 8 pins. About Unified Communication System. This message appears when the USB driver has been successfully installed.

Retry times Select the number of times for retry loqder frenic loader of a transmission. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now. If Loader cannot communicate with the registered inverter due to a wire loaeer, for example, the response time becomes very long.

Introduction Thank you for purchasing. For connection via the RS port, refer to Section “Setting up communications parameters. If they are not correct, double-click the row or use the Advance button to call up the Advanced dialog shown below and modify the contents.


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Baud frenic loader Set the y04 data to the same value as the baud rate setting made in Loader’s Communication Setting window see Section[ 2 ]. Enter your user name and company name. After making sure that the equipment name and KP No. Click Locate and install driver software. Compares frenic loader editing code data with those saved in the selected file or set in the selected inverter.

The installation progress bar appears. The screen confirming your selection appears. Adding inductance components To suppress or eliminate noise for keeping the network in high noise immunity level, insert inductance components such as choke coils in series in the signal circuit, or pass the RS communications cable through a ferrite core ring or wind it around by 2 or 3 turns as shown below to keep the impedance of the signal lines high.