All formats colors, fonts, borders, etc. It also works when copying across different files, but you need to copy full rows in any case. Each one of those 12 colors can be made lighter or darker by changing its TExcelColor. When you open a color dialog in Excel, the colors that are shown in the main square are different variations of the 12 theme colors:. Report Components for creating Excel reports based on a template. InsertAndCopyRange for inserting rows or column or ranges of cells.

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The second issue is that probably because of issue 1, Excel will never autofit merged cells. Conditional Formats might become invalid.

API Documentation | FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework documentation

InsertAndCopySheets flexcel flexel a sheet, to copy a sheet, or to insert and copy a sheet in the same operation. We will get something like this:. FlexCel will replace those tags by the values from a database or memory.

You can specify the file format in a parameter to the “Save” method if needed; for example when saving to streams. Even in cases where there would be no problem doing so, for example you are autofitting a row and the merged cell has only flexcel row but 2 columns.

This is all shown in the examples and documentation. And when they aren’t working as you expect them to, it helps to understand a little more in depth flexce, is going on under the hood. I have been using it for the last two days, and I am very impressed not only by what I can accomplish but also your excellent documentation and examples.


FlexCel comes flexcel a tool that makes this simpler:. Value for the money: Each one of those 12 colors flexcel be made lighter or darker by changing its TExcelColor. So both Excel and FlexCel might interpret a CF flxcel wrong when the cells are separated by too many rows or columns.

We will not make a detailed explanation of the operators here, as the only idea here is to help you read the examples, but you can read the full documentation at: Even when a FlexCel object is fully managed flexcel you don’t need to dispose it, keep in mind flexcel it stores a full spreadsheet in memory.

FlexCel API Developer Guide | FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework documentation

TExcelColor also automatically converts from a Fldxcel. But when flexcel from FlexCel, make sure you autofit the rows you need, since FlexCel will not automatically do that. So if for example the FlexCel package is at C: For the example above, flexcel would create:.

So the simplest and more secure way to recalculate linked files is to create flexcel Workspace, add the needed XlsFile objects inside, and just recalculate any of the files flexcell usual.

FlexCel API Developer Guide

This will always happen flexcek you save a file with formulas. Developers can be added at any time during the full version cycle. Marking rows 1 to 15 to be level 1 makes FlexCel mark rows 1 to 14 to be level 1.


Normally the fledcel package you need to install is TMS. You don’t have to worry also on inserting a format 2 times: Let’s imagine that you have a web service where your user submits an xls file, you use FlexCel to convert it to PDF, and send back the converted PDF to him.

Screenshots Create a file only flexcel code To solve this issue, the second parameter to AutoPageBreaks is the percentage of the page that will be used by FlexCel to calculate the page breaks.

There are 2 ways you can reference FlexCel: The other special value is TRecalcVersion. All formats colors, fonts, borders, etc. Note For simplicity in this section we flexcel going to speak always about row breaks, but flexcel column breaks work in a similar fashion. Pdf flexcel you are working directly with the pdf engine, or in general if you are dealing with pdf files. flexcel

For the other units, just use FlexCel.