See the top rated post in this thread. I’ll give it a go. The fully parametric Balustrade gives you 3 free adjustable Elements to setup exactly the Escalator or Travelator Conveyer you need. Or of course an explanation of how to do it. Do not be confused, Revit shows you the 3D box with the overall extends of the escalators. I guess one will still have to add or remove treads.

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Adjustable escalator with parameters

Do you have the one from escalator revit family Revit Web Library? DigiPara is working on that issue. Double click the “Components” node exactly one level above in the tree to edit that, and then delete the SkirtDeflector. I could unfortunately not open it because of a message saying that it was created in a later escalatro of Revit.

The guards are glass extruded in elevation, and their outline is the picked path for the handrail sweeps. I am glad to see these things are possible. Open topic with navigation. I’ll give it a go.

But I still can’t get the the rest of the thing to adjust correctly. You are now ready to export your escalator group as esalator adsk file. DigiPara will work on solving this issue. The advanced parametric functionality allows you escalator revit family adjust the Height of Balustrade independently for the Landings as well the Run and you can even adjust the exact start position for each side separate.


9300®AE Escalator

Either Steps or Conveyer Belt, they escalqtor automatically escalator revit family Size and number to perfectly fit between the bottom and top landings without any adjustments necessary. Login to Give a bone. There is no clear delivery date for that update.

Usually you do not want to export the shaft materials. The dimension are remaining elements from the previous error warnings. The number of boxes appearing excalator differ. Do this for all escalators and probably other objects.

There is no delivery date for the fix. Thanks for sharing Wes. Do not be confused, Revit shows you the 3D box with the overall extends of the escalators. Excalator that remains now is for me to learn how to do it There are different options to export escalator models from Escalator revit family Liftdesigner and use them in Autodesk Revit.

This is a fantastic escalator!

The Run can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees and the Landings can be setup separate from each other. Save escaltor in Autodesk Inventor.


Transparency of the glass balustrade is visible ramily also the coordinate system, units, etc properly fit. I made the top part of the escalator as defining the insertion point — I’d set the “Face of lower support” ref plane to be origin-defining rather than the “Face of upper support” ref plane! Adjustable escalator with parameters. Yes, I do, but not an adjustable one.

Click “Ignore” for all boxes. This will allow you escalator revit family adjust it exactly to your requirements. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: This first escalator revit family looks pretty good. Autodesk did a good job here. We are currently on Revit 9 I have subsequently found an adjustable version in the Revit Web Library, which I am having a look at!