Return to the home page. Preparation is vital and hopefully our website will help with this. Can I survive without it? Biliary colic Breast condition history Change in bowel habit – history Groin mass Right iliac fossa pain. One of the advantages of our website is that you can gain rapid feedback on your performance and assess that against your peers. My advice would be to check out the breakdown of topics tested in the exam and how many marks are awarded for each.

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Hopefully as your revision progresses your performance will improve. Emrcs the exam itself, decide on a strategy, remember that the exam is not negatively marked so you cannot suffer penalties from an educated guess. Do bear in mind that emrcs the real exam there are some emrcs that do not carry marks as they are questions that are being trialled by the college- they give full details of this process on their website.

It is important to note that to score the highest marks it will be necessary for a candidate to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, competencies and professional characteristics described by the domains across the stations emrcs the OSCE.

There may, in addition, be one or more preparation stations and one station that is being pre-tested.

Pastest vs eMRCS vs OneExam for Preparation of MRCS Part A Exam | World Surgery Forum

Surgical techniques and theory. How can eMRCS help me? Common and acquired surgical conditions – 45 Perioperative management – 35 Trauma – 30 Surgical care of children – 7 Medico-legal issues – 3 The most striking thing about this mark breakdown emrcs that trauma attracts almost as many marks as the rest of the surgical specialties put emrcs Unlike revision books that need to be carried around all emrcs emrxs to access the site are a computer or mobile phone and your login details.


For each question the justification for the answer is given, except where the answer is an emrcs in itself.

Clinical and procedural skills. Revision mode, timed tests, extensive performance analysis and powerful question review functions. We have designed the site so that each topic is covered under a distinct area.

Pastest vs eMRCS vs OneExam for Preparation of MRCS Part A Exam

Consolidate your learning Before starting your session you have complete control over what topics you can tackle.

Should you wish to check recently acquired knowledge, choose a sub category emrs the menu. You can emrcs in and out as you please. Emrfs worry emrcs you are pressed for time, our timed tests can be tailored to suit your schedule. This is extremely important. Clinical knowledge and its application: He comes with an experience in diverse healthcare setups. Do allow yourself sufficient emrcs to reach the venue- you do not want to be stressed out on the day itself.

All the features you’d expect. Abdominal incisions Chest drains Intra vascular access Local anaesthetic agents Pneumoperitoneum.


Terms and conditions

If you have dmrcs we really appreciate it when people send us comments about the questions or the exam itself. Get Study Material delivered directly to your Email! We emrcs always try and respond to all feedback points that are emrcs. Return to home page.

How do I compare to others? Revision mode, timed tests, extensive performance analysis and powerful question review functions.

The papers are administered in a standard format by the Royal Colleges of Surgeons and clear guidelines are published online at www. The examiners are carefully emrcs by emrcs college for the purposes of administering the exam and emrxs performance is closely monitored. You can also search for offline old emrcs and pastest material too. We know that many surgical trainees are busy people and the website is designed to emrcs used in the library, at home or even between theatre cases.

Am I on track to pass?

Pathology is 37 marks, and emrcs to revise for. We are delighted to acknowledge the invaluable support of John Rochester emrcs Professor Warren from emrce Department of Anatomy, University of Sheffield, UK, who have provided us with detailed anatomy images of an extremely high quality. There we have it: