The lower left corner shows which Tears of Sekhmet have been located. Hints few a far between. Spot the ten differences between the two pictures. Take the sphinx paw. Some of the puzzles were so easy there was no point in having them, all you needed to do was move the objects in the puzzles to the top where they just all automatically connected themselves, nothing to figure out at all for the player. Hover your mouse over the niches in the altar to show which symbol belongs. Mini Game — Drive the Riverboat.

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Antarctic Temple Temple Entrance Locate the hidden items on the list. Altar of Tuat Locate the ten spades.

Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet – GameSpot

Courtyard 2- Revisited Use the spear on the door. Sunken Ship Cargo Hallway 2 Use the crowbar on the chest. Take the hieroglyph piece.

Path of Air 2. Your review should appear soon. Antechamber 2 You are automatically returned to the antechamber. Place the Water symbol in the upper left niche. Place the scarab into the niche on the sarcophagus. Place the Air symbol in the lower left niche. Swap adjacent tiles to arrange them into the picture. Fishing Boat 2- Revisited Place the map into the chest.


Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet

Place the Fire symbol in the upper right niche. Place the jugs onto the pedestals. Quality tested and virus free. I was delighted to find “spot the difference” puzzles in the game, they have always been a favorite especially if they are challenging.

The Tears of Sekhmet have been scattered across the globe. Rated 5 out of 5 by hodgepodgespv from but i don’t want to bring this series to an end! Pharaou to Courtyard 2. Tomb Chapel of Nabanum.

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The game had plenty of things to find in every scene, with just enough challenge if you are not into pulling your hair out! Fishing Boat- Revisited Place the journal into the chest. Place the bag of tiles onto yhe playing area.

Tomb Chapel of Nabanum 2 Spot the ten differences between the two pictures.

Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet Walkthrough

Internet Explorer 7 or later. Hidden Object mystery Point and Click. Are you sure you want to purchase it?


Place the sand bag on the pedestal. Locate the ten differences. Play Now Download the free trial This game will not work on your operating system. Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, Chapter 4 guide: Tears of Sekhmet is rated 3.

curwe As for the store, there are only very few items you can buy just one of until you use it except for the hints, which you can buy all you want. Now you need to go into the store and purchase the “Double Cursor” for your first find the difference screen. Return to Sacred Chamber. Death in Hardcover Walkthrough Living Legends: