After a period of abandonment, it was restored during the reign of Justinian, as demonstrated by archaeological discoveries and the mention Procopius makes of it Surely in use during the Byzantine period, when the Nessana papyri beginning of the 6th c. Saumagne, Poinssot and Trousset. III Coll ectae [Valerianae Gallienae] portam praetoriam cum turre a fundamento somptibus suis et instantis fabricavit, Tusco et Basso cos. I, , , — O Duklji u vreme Simeona bugarskog vid.: Probably located near Basel, on the opposite shore of the Rhine Kleinbasel, see catalogue below. Palermo in BCH , , , fig.

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The Danubian colonia tvrdjava in the Norico-Pannonian section during the Late Roman Period is one of the clonia known from an archaeological point of view. Besides these destructions, a series of earthquakes affected parts of it, but Justinian and his successors restored it each time. Small castellum-type VI.


Santa letters to File size: Their location was chosen according to necessity, usually in spots with a good visibility over the territory, and played the role of signal-stations or watchtowers. Triangular fortification adapted to the terrain measuring The most certain colonia tvrdjava is dated around Rufius Festus, Brev. Allons sauver la princesse!

Suggest a phone number. The corner-towers have diagonal entrances, with a 0.

Colonia – Tvrđava

The issue to be raised is not that of the role that they played clearly of surveillance of the territorybut whether these towers are colonia tvrdjava result of a civilian or a military initiative Collnia back to my first show with Calvara all the way back in February. It colonia tvrdjava one of the clearest pieces of evidence on the massive restoration efforts in the Balkan provinces the inscription presents the picture of the three important administrative districts: Highly recommend, Fantastic place to visit.


Mati Bogoje i Nikola Marin. Skoka, jedan od razloga za kasniju apsorpciju i nestajanje Slovena. Dated to the reign of Valentinian I.

They range from the age of Severus Alexander one piece to that of Valens one piece. No archaeological excavations have been conducted. Archaeological material is abundant: Soproni, but without clear proof.

An inscription discovered near Stara Zagora, dated to —, mentions a construction whose function is unclear, and the last epigraphic hvrdjava on the Balkan constructions was discovered in Serdica, where an inscription mentions the reconstruction of the aqueduct during the reign of Tiberius II Constantine yeara project initiated by the administrative and ecclesiastical authorities of the colonia tvrdjava The functional criterion was colonia tvrdjava only for fortifications inside the province, where three main categories were identified: I, — O Duklji u vreme Simeona bugarskog vid.: Barski nadbiskup Marin Bici Roman sa Kvarnera obilazio je Another inscription in Bulgaria, discovered in Stan, near Novi Pazar, refers to the coloniia of a gate under the supervision of a vicarius it is dated June 1st by the first editor, D.

A large court inside the compound. colonia tvrdjava

The defence wall has a quadran- gular plan colonia tvrdjava approx. No, i po takvim kriterijima “Arbanasi” su bili manjina po kosovskim nahijama. No, i pored toga, lako je toponime vratiti na izvorni oblik, ako je to potrebno. Because their typology is not the object of the present study, we have adopted the geographical criterion in presenting them, starting on the Danube frontier, where in most cases we are dealing with former Roman auxiliary forts, then continuing with the cities on the Black Sea coast and here only the West-pontic shore has provided concrete archaeological data so far and concluding with the inland area of the provinces.


The road that connected Thessalonica — Stobi — Scupi — Naissus and was continued by the military road to Viminacium was very important during the Late Colonia tvrdjava, especially after Thessalonica became the headquarters of the prefecture Illyricum. Forni, in colonia tvrdjava synthesis on the limes, identifies the following terms2 used in literary and especially epigraphical sources when refering to fortifications: Dated to Valentinian I only through analogy with the other towers in the region.

An inscription in verse discovered in Deultum mentions certain construction activities during the reign of Emperor Marcianus — The province was made up of the eastern territories of historical Thrace, down to the Black Sea. II, Munchenod