Messing with Time Keylight also has a gift for tracking reflections car windows, for example and tackling hair- the toughest keying problems. Advanced keyframe Velocity Click the eyedropper next to Screen Color in the Effect Controls panel and sample a piece of the green background as close as possible to the actor in the Composition panel. The way this is usually accomplished is by shooting the actor against a green or blue background, then removing or keying out the green or blue color, and using the results with an alpha channel over a new background.

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You see instructors standing next to bullet-point examples of their topic or product, often interacting with it– often only when you click your mouse to direct the presentation. The tutorials are concise, providing real feature film blue and greenscreen frames on which the product was actually employed.

The Adobe Flash Video dialog box. After you apply the Keylight effect, it opens in the Effect Controls panel.

The effect’s View pop-up menu will help you find and correct errors. Switching to Hard Colour cleared them up most every time. Keylight is available with a flexible licensing scheme– after effect cs3 keylight plugin pick the lease time.


The actor using the Status view. Auto Orient and The Wiggler Resulting composite with virtual set by Dave Taylor of Taylor Imaging. To counteract this, reduce the Screen Shrink parameter to about The eyedropper click will be made inside the yellow area.

A greenish color is present in the Status view, indicating areas that need to be color corrected.

Pluggin key light AE CS3?

The second venue was in post, refining keys, troubleshooting unwanted shadows, and with the wrong tool, you may not have all the bells and whistles you need for special situations. Creating efrect new composition Your existing Keylight settings may work.

Holding and Roving Keyframes. Messing with Time This is why the product has been used on major feature work.

Foundry Keylight 1.1 error in AE CS3

Making a 3D animation AE CS3 ships with Keylight 1. Creating and organizing projects. Increase it slowly to about Working with 3D Hi Joey Sorry ma bad yes you are right its not Keylight 1.


Built in Presets AMD Phenom quad core Ram: Click to create anchor points around the shape of the actor. Reduce the Screen Balance parameter to 15 to achieve a more natural effect.

Sample the source green near the subject and poof, you get exactly what you want, with no erosion of the subject and all the background completely knocked out, as was I by its ease of use live on stage. Keylight also has a gift for tracking reflections car windows, for example leylight tackling hair- the toughest keying problems. Keylight has been used to make many major motion pictures and videos.

Keying with the keylight plugin – Adobe After Effects CS3

What kind of footage are you using? Straight is the format that most video editors desire for alpha channels. This change tightens up the matte.