It’s still interesting and I do care about this. Icefrog needs moar love. Download the latest Warcraft custom map for free. Bloodrage’s new implementation is just absolutely hilarious. I don’t think this patch is very interesting mechanically overall, but meh.

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And more nerf for IO.

Dota Allstars 6.81c Map – How To Get Free Download [Latest Version]

Poison Touch code is still a mess. I think this sort of stuff is getting less and less interesting and helpful to the general populace as time wears on, but I still get to say stuff every now and then and answer questions on Fridays. Lich Agha Ult no longer has bounce limit Or 6.81c ai the delays between versions just get bigger.

Not dealing damage to invulnerable units. Have you tested it? Well he could be just referring to this part. You can extract the JASS scripts to look into how abilities are coded. In-game behavior is 6.81c ai, though. Aghanim’s Borrowed Time Upgrade does not actually deal damage to Abaddon. I’d trust infrisios to know more about the dota dev process than I do: I wonder how long you consider long: If Dota1 was still holding dota2 back then wouldn’t we not have these updates at all due to not being able to do them in dota1 without 6.81c ai The boolean that Icefrog uses in his function for projectiles to determine if they are disjointable is set to “false” for heat seeking missiles thus they are undisjointable.


This generates an array of expected values. Cyclone Damage is Magical, of course. Getdota Map DotA v6. Plus people in places where steam is blocked that want to play some dota in LAN, such as in my university. There might be a specific kind of world editor, I cant remember if JASS 6.81c ai default with world editor.

While I was talking to Buny he told me Tusk is visible and he can’t cast spells during it.

PRD constants for Moment of Courage are 3. Charge of Darkness is different. It still has some bugs, but you can already DotA v6. Didn’t 6.81c ai closely because it’s late and I’m tired and the super-cool dynamic Items system that manages Items is hard.

DotA 1 notes : DotA2

The map itself might be protected though, which is when you remove something so it cant be opened in world editor, but can still be played. If Dota 1 is dropped, then Dota 2 can be more advanced, intricate and better.


No crit can proc when you are phased or 6.81c ai any windwalk skill. Not checking any of the others. Heheheh, Fury Swipes uses Icefrog’s nifty dynamic base-2 damage system. OP says that it does HP removal, so it doesn’t disable dagger and 6.1c, unlike in Dota2. He’s Invulnerable and therefore untargetable, 6.81c ai. Fury Swipes will now also totally fail if your Attack Frontswing is greater than 0.

Guaranteed Crit specifically disallows Illusions from using it.

Especially not with Techies, the trio looking like it’s finished already as we have seen. This is unofficial AI and already using English language. Although they do seem to be rounded up, rather than to the nearest value at that precision.